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CAR TITLE LOANS. Easy application and quick decision to get you a larger loan.
Getting a car title loan from Xpress Payday isn't confusing or complicated.
In less than 30 minutes, you can walk out of any Xpress Payday store with the money you need to keep life moving forward.


The APR* on our car title loans is currently 270%. Usually your loan payments will be scheduled around your paydays.

Your Finance Charge each billing cycle is equal to the sum of the following for each day in the cycle: the daily principal balance times the daily periodic rate (equal to the Annual Percentage Rate divided by 365). Your minimum payment each billing cycle will be the sum of the finance charge, 2% of the principal balance, and any past due amount.

Xpress Payday loan agreements are governed by the State of Kansas.

1. Bring your vehicle to any Xpress Payday store.

2. Fill out our quick loan application.

3. Let our employees quickly inspect your car and give you a fair and honest appraisal.

4. Review and sign all documents, including agreement to repay loan plus fees on agreed upon due date.

5. Walk out with a check up to the amount of the appraised value, or let us directly deposit it into your account!

Start your application process now!

A car title loan might be the right solution if you need to:

• Cover an emergency that requires more money than a payday loan can provide.
• Acquire a larger loan amount quickly and confidentially.
• Use your car, motorcycle, or other accepted automobile as collateral for a loan.

A car title loan might NOT be the best fit if you want to:

• Have a longer window of time to pay back your loan.
• Continuously borrow money.
• Purchase non-essential items (such as a new iPhone 7, a new large screen TV, etc.).
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